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File:Transcontinental railroad route.png|thumb|left|Route of the first American transcontinental: The Central Pacific (red) in the west and the Union Pacific (blue) met in Utah in 1869. Image:Uploco.jpg|thumb|The ''Gov. Stanford'' locomotive Image:Truckee River at Verdi, east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Nevada, Central Pacific R.R, by Thomas Houseworth & Co..jpg|thumb|The Truckee River at Verdi, Nevada. When the Central Pacific Railroad reached its site in 1868, Charles Crocker pulled a slip of paper from a hat and read the name of Giuseppe Verdi ; so, the town was named after the Italian opera composer. Image:Trestle CPRR.jpg|thumb|Trestle, Central Pacific Railroad, c.1869. Photo: Carleton Watkins Image:The Last Spike 1869.jpg|thumb|''The Last Spike,'' by Thomas Hill (painter)|Thomas Hill, (1881) The '''Central Pacific Railroad''' ('''CPRR''') is the former name of the railroad...
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